Monday, March 30, 2009

so i am going to try and start the blog thing....

nothing real interesting has been going on, just the usual.

spring break is over and now comes the final stretch of school. i finished my gallery show and the opening is the 4th of this very month, which if you're doing the math is.... this saturday! i really don't know what to expect.

i really hope i can get an internship this summer. (((please let it pay me money!) cause i need it!) but who doesn't)

dan deacon= greatness

sorry for the lack of substance in this post. me so sorry :((


Chelsea Cady said...

dear zach:
i'm so glad that you're back in blogging land!
i've missed you here.
if i were a boss, i would hire you for an internship. and then i would quit and make you the boss. and then you could end up being ceo...or something. i'll work on that for you.

Jarrett Byrum said...

I think that knowing the complex Dan Deacon formula shows plenty of substance.